• Creating our first Cross-Platform app, a palindrome checker


    Introduction In the previous chapters of our series on Flutter, we’ve laid down a solid theoretical and practical foundation that allows us to delve deeper into the fascinating world of cross-platform application development.

  • Let's talk (About) Dart, the language of Flutter


    In the world of mobile application development, Flutter has stood out as one of the most innovative and efficient frameworks. However, the real hero behind its success is the programming language that powers it: Dart.

  • Widgets, the cornerstone of Flutter


    In the previous chapter, we explored the origins of the Flutter framework, who created it, a bit about its community, the Dart language, Skia, etc. We took a tour on the surface of this profound technology involving multiple actors.

  • Flutter introduction


    Flutter is a mobile app development framework created by Google. It utilizes the Skia rendering engine to directly paint each view of the application on the screen, enabling the creation of highly customizable and flexible user interfaces from a single codebase.